IMO (Indigenous Micro-Organisms)

Swasti IMOIMO (Indigenous Micro-Organisms)

There are thousands of organisms coexisting in the soil so it is important to support beneficial microbes. This method simply puts the good guys back in the system. It’s like having good gut flora, if you have the right balance, things function well, if it’s imbalanced, disease ensues.

To capture and grow good micro organisms you cultivate them by providing a growing medium and then encourage further growth and spread the love!

One useful method in the tropics is to use a section of split bamboo lengthways as a container. Fill with cooked white rice and sprinkle with brown or palm sugar. This gives the good guys carbohydrates and sugars, what every bacteria loves! Bury it in the best soil you have for 10 days and then unearth. Hopefully you will find happy little white fungus which you can then dilute with 10 parts water. Allow this slurry to sit for one week to ferment and voila! Strain and spray the love!