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Swasti Healing is a space dedicated to well-being. You’ll be welcomed by our skilled therapists who’ll be pleased to help you choose from a wide variety of treatments and massages. The massages & treatments available at Swasti are intimately related to nature & all products used are 100% organic. Most of them are from our very own organic garden, which you’re welcome to visit while you’re at Swasti.


Special: Welcome to Bali | 90 min | 250 000 rp

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You’ve just arrived in Bali, you’re tired and still drained by jet lag. You’ve accumulated numerous tensions, and a long trip like the one you’ve just made often causes some stress.

Our skilled therapists will reveal and dispel all your tensions, insisting on the feet, back, shoulders, neck and head (a real treat). This treatment will help you recover from jet lag and travel fatigue, immersing yourself, body and soul, in Balinese culture. A must try!


Traditional Balinese | 60 min | 170 000 rp

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This full body massage is both relaxing and energetic, because it combines softness and toning. The massage is part of the family culture, but also of the traditional Balinese medicine and more generally of the entire archipelago.
So you’ll enjoy the subtle blend between Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines, lavished with vegetable oils, aromatherapy and natural ointments. This massage will relax all your tension, while stimulating the energy points of your body, your nervous system, digestive system, and lymphatic system. It will restore balance and harmony between your body and soul. A delightful moment.

Four Hands Heaven | 60 min | 310 000 rp

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The four-hand massage is a ballet; a dance in which meditative rhythms and harmonious movements stem from the synergy of two therapists. This massage is truly enveloping and it will be very hard, even impossible not to let yourself go completely. It will allow you to escape and enjoy a unique moment of plenitude. You will feel full of zest and vitality.

This treatment is incomparable.


Back, Shoulders, Neck and Head | 60 min | 170 000 rp

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This massage targets mainly the tensions accumulated daily. After a preparation to relax the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck, your therapist will focus on every important point to relieve stress and stiffness. This massage stimulates the nervous and circulatory systems, releases the energies from physical and emotional stress, restores the spine’s flexibility and mobility, and is also very effective against sleep disorder and irritability. When it’s focused on the head, it stimulates the scalp and rebalances the right brain and left brains, boosting recovery and creativity. Ideal for keeping your head on your shoulders.

Traditional Foot Massage | 45 min | 170.000 rp

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All day long, we rely on our feet. Therefore, it’s important to take good care of them. They are often abused by daily stress. An easy way to thank them is to give them some attention, they”ll be delighted and so will you. This gentle, relaxing massage will give you a pleasant feeling of lightness and will allow you to set off again on the right foot.

Hot Stone Massage | 90 min | 250 000 rp

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This is a traditional treatment, which consists of a massage with basalt stones finely polished and dipped in hot water to heat them. After a traditional massage, your therapist will arrange the pebbles on the seven energy points of the body known as the Chakras, which lie along the spine and other body parts like the neck, shoulders or legs) to release nerve tension. This original and ancient massage provides heat that goes deep into the muscles, which facilitates muscle relaxation, drainage and elimination of toxins, improves circulation and calms the nervous system. This is ideal to relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and heavy legs.

We’d like to inform our clients that massage is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes, heart problems, eczema, varicose veins, or asthma.



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